"DealMakers" Conference Makes M&A Connections

That could have been the theme of a recent invitation-only “DealMakers” event hosted by Gray, Gray & Gray. The meeting brought experts from the merger & acquisition industry, including accounting, legal and financial experts, together with 25 companies interested in exploring M&A activities. Our purpose in hosting the “DealMakers” event was to provide a platform to help initiate mergers and acquisitions. Each of the Dealmakers invited clients and members in their network who were either contemplating a transaction or seeking more insight into how the M&A process works. The experts pooled their years of experience in the merger and acquisition process in a roundtable discussion of trends in the M&A market. Topics included everything from tax regulations and choosing a legal entity, to lending trends and preparing a business to acquire or be acquired. Having a CPA, investment banker, lawyer and banker discuss a market overview provided different perspectives on the direction the market is heading, including the multiples they’re seeing along with the size and types of transactions. Our intent was to bring clients and members of their networks together to discover potential synergies between firms. “DealMakers” achieved just that. Buyers and sellers alike made connections to facilitate transactions and joint ventures, and serious discussions on transactions were started. This was the first of a series of Mergers and Acquisitions seminars. Gray, Gray & Gray will host a second “DealMakers” event on September 27, 2012, from 4–6pm in our Westwood conference center.

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