Partners Lead the Way 

Becoming a Partner at Gray, Gray & Gray requires experience, expertise and the proven ability to provide clients with the power to do more. Our partners are visible, accessible and fully engaged with clients, delivering the strength, stability and leadership necessary to forge a path to success.

Directors Strategize & Put Plans Into Action

Directors at Gray, Gray & Gray play a key role in developing and implementing effective strategies that lead to the growth and success of our clients. Each possesses a deep understanding of both strategic objectives and the practical execution of appropriate tactics that make the plan work.

Managers Get the Job Done

Our Managers direct day-to-day activities and make sure work is completed on schedule and at the highest level of quality. They manage the flow of information both internally and to clients to help ensure that everyone is on the same page and working in collaboration to get more done.

Retired Partners

While we are focused on the future for our clients, we also know that we stand on the shoulders of those who have come before us. Although no longer associated with or acting on behalf of the firm, we honor the legacy of our Retired Partners, and thank them for their contributions, dedication and loyalty.

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Our Team

Our team provides the firm with the strength, stability and leadership necessary to guide our clients to success.

Client Testimonials

The real proof of the value of an advisory and accounting firm is found in the success of its clients. Don’t take our word for it!

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Are you ready to accept the challenge of working for one of New England’s fastest growing advisory and accounting firms?

Charitable Foundation

We believe strongly in the concept and practice of corporate citizenship. It is our commitment to the community.


Gray, Gray & Gray, LLP, is a member of CPAmerica, Inc., one of the largest associations of CPA and consulting firms in the world.


Members of the Gray, Gray & Gray staff are actively involved in community organizations and industry associations.
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