As your business becomes larger and more complex, it is necessary for strategic planning to become more sophisticated in order to sustain growth and to help you organize the resources needed to keep your business on the path to profitable growth. Our Strategic Business Planning Group can provide the advice, guidance and support you need to shape the long-term direction and scope of your organization. We help you create a comprehensive strategic plan, KPIs and sequential objectives to lead your organization to the next level of performance.

Gray, Gray & Gray’s proprietary Strategic Business Game Plan is the process we use to articulate your organization’s vision for the future in as much detail as possible, assess the current status of the business in a wide array of mission critical areas, and develop strategies, tactics, timelines and resource allocations for getting your business to its desired destination. Our experience in all aspects of business development and management can help you think about your business objectively, with a view toward creating the future you want to reach.

We work with organizations at almost every stage of the business life cycle to successfully answer three key questions:

  • Where is your business now? How does it operate? What drives its profitability? How does it compare with its competitors?
  • Where do you want to take it? What are your vision, mission, objectives, values, and goals? What expectations are reasonable in light of market conditions and available resources?
  • What do you need to do to get there? What changes do you need to make in order to deliver on your strategic objectives? What is the best way of implementing those changes?

Strategic business planning is a critical factor that influences the success of your organization in the long-term. Trust our professionals to help you create a strategy that will help you reach the next level and beyond.

Our Game-Plan Model

The Path to Your Strategic Business Plan
All business leaders who want to ensure the continued success and growth of their company in an environment of rapid change will benefit from strategic business planning. Our Game-Plan Model is a guided process that takes your company leadership through a comprehensive assessment of “where we are” and “where we want to get to.” This model is based on six key drivers of your business:

  • Customer
  • Team
  • Leadership & governance
  • Finance & owner wealth management
  • M&A
  • Supply chain

This facilitated process helps to ensure that the leadership team of your business has the opportunity to shape the future direction of the company. The result of the process is a comprehensive “game plan” incorporating the key initiatives, estimated costs, prioritization based on impact, and key people responsible for execution.

Benefits of Strategic Planning with Us
By partnering with Gray, Gray & Gray, you will gain the experience and insights of professionals who understand all aspects of how successful businesses operate and thrive.

Experienced facilitators work with you to bring the market insights and discipline necessary to build and document your own Game Plan. We drive the process forward for you, alleviating the burden of directing the initiative on your own. This is critical assistance for engaged leaders who understand the importance of the Strategic Business Planning process but lack the time to direct it themselves.

We have developed a process that works with your company’s functional leaders to ensure they understand the inter-dependencies associated with developing a sustainable growth strategy. This involvement helps ensure that there will be cross-enterprise buy-in to the plan. We have proven tools and templates that make your game plan easily understood and readily referenced for maximum impact.

Our Strategic Business Planning team remains available for ongoing periodic evaluations on the successful execution of your Game Plan, and to assist with additional initiatives that might arise from the process.

The Planning Starts Here, and It Starts Now
Delaying the development of a strategically-based business plan merely pushes the future you envision farther down the road. The time to set your sights on success is now.

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