Strategic Thinking Podcast: Bryan Pearce Interviews David Model of Triton Systems

About the Episode: Host Bryan Pearce, Director of Strategic Business Planning at Gray, Gray & Gray, interviews David Model, CEO of Triton Systems in Chelmsford, MA. Triton Systems is continually focused on what’s next – the next invention, the next breakthrough, the next innovation that can unleash new possibilities in engineering, science and technology to impact our lives.  During this interview, David discusses how Triton Systems has been able to create and sustain a culture of innovation over their nearly 30 years in business. Listen to the episode to explore a variety of topics, including:

0:00 – Introduction of David Model of Triton Systems
2:15 – How Triton Systems Has Created & Sustained a Culture of Innovation
6:20 – History and Growth of Triton Systems
10:10 – Technological Advancement in the U.S.
18:28 – Areas of Greatest Potential and Interest for Triton Systems
25:29 – Striking the Balance Between Revenue Growth and Profitable Growth

About the Guest: David Model is Chief Operating Officer of Triton Systems in Chelmsford, MA. David has over 40 years of business experience in biotech, biomedical, aerospace and other high technology fields and he has served Triton Systems and its affiliates in an executive role from startup through self sufficiency.

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