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Nobody can predict the future. But there are innovative thinkers who are busy creating it. We work to deliver the Power of More to these inventive, imaginative individuals and organizations.

To make an impact in the wildly competitive world of software development and technological innovation you need more. More data, more insights, more support, more solutions to overcome challenges you face. We understand the contradictory nature of an industry that must focus on future innovation, but still prove financial viability in the present.

Gray, Gray & Gray supplies the resources and guidance you need to prosper as a business while you work on changing the future. Like you, we look beyond the expected to find ways to add value, enhance decision making, and develop insights that create advantage and drive success. That means working with you on thoughtful and deliberate strategic planning, while also supporting the “right now” need to meet financial, tax and accounting obligations.

We work with a wide array of companies in the technology sector, including software, hardware, electronics, medical technology, and SaaS enterprises, from start-up and emerging growth stage through maturity. By providing the Power of More we help each of them to take advantage of opportunities now, while taking steps to plan for the future.

Our Services

We bring software and technology companies at all growth stages the smart solutions for their complex tax, accounting, audit and strategic planning needs. Our team of experts helps clients expand domestically and internationally, through mergers and acquisitions, and with innovative strategies for growth, including:

  • Assistance in setting up business plans and beneficial entity structures
  • Development of internal financial controls systems
  • Tax and accounting services that are focused on a long-term business strategy, whether the goal is an IPO or acquisition
  • Overhead and government audits
  • R&D tax credit identification and support
  • State and local tax guidance for domestic companies, and international tax support for those with a global presence
  • Preparation of audited or reviewed financial statements for equity investment and banking requirements
  • Set up and audit of benefit plans, including 401(k) and ESOP plans
  • Consulting with company executives on personal financial, investment and tax planning
  • Support and due diligence for merger and acquisition activities

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