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Gray, Gray & Gray’s Financial Reporting Consulting Group provides assistance related to preparing financial statements, organizing in advance of annual audits, and preparing SEC filings across a wide range of company types. We take a comprehensive approach to financial reporting by providing services that address your company’s unique set of challenges.

Our experienced professionals are ready to consult on the preparation and review of financial statements in a timely manner while also helping to ensure the accuracy and quality of the reports. We also review internal staff preparations of financial statements, as well as coordinating and drafting of the notes to the financial statements for annual and quarterly reports.

We support the preparation, processes and procedures associated with annual financial audits, as well as assisting with the timely and accurate filing of some SEC forms. This includes review of staff preparations of SEC filings such as Forms S-1, S-4, 10-K/10-Q, 11-K and 8-K.

We can also serve as an “as needed” technical resource for internal accounting and audit staff regarding questions related to financial statement preparation questions and auditor questions.

It is our goal to help you unlock the potential of financial analysis and reporting as more than a compliance requirement, but to identify and leverage insights that can contribute to improvements in business and financial operations in areas including debt management, trend tracking, cash flow, and management of liabilities.

Our Services

Our financial reporting consulting services include:

  • Prepare or review financial statements and notes
  • Review SEC filings, including MD&A and Forepart
  • Prepare or review technical accounting memoranda & communication of new pronouncements
  • Consult with management regarding auditing and reporting matters
  • Prepare or review financial press release and analyst conference call script
  • Consult with client regarding Sarbanes-Oxley compliance and certification
  • Review internal management reporting and financial analysis

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