Strategic Thinking Podcast: Bryan Pearce Interviews John Cerulli of Acumentrics

About the Episode: Host Bryan Pearce, Director of Strategic Business Planning at Gray, Gray & Gray, interviews John Cerulli, CEO of Acumentrics in Walpole, MA. Acumentrics has been a trusted market leader in critical power solutions used in military and commercial applications since 1994. During this interview,  John discusses how he has strategically grown and expanded Acumentrics’ business over the years to meet the changing power demands of their customers.

0:00 – Introduction of John Cerulli of Acumentrics
2:35 – How Acumentrics Has Strategically Grown to Meet the Changing Power Demands of Customers
6:04 – Importance of Customer Relationships
7:14 – Supply Chain Best Practices and Challenges During COVID
13:20 – Supply Chain Outlook
16:30 – Diversifying Acumentics’ Products & Services
23:56 – Invention and Innovation
27:33 – Striking the Balance Between Revenue Growth and Profitable Growth

About the Guest: John Cerulli is CEO of Acumentrics in Walpole, MA. John has over 25 years of experience in both financial and operational management in both public and private companies and is currently leading the strategic planning refresh for Acumentrics. 

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