Strategic Thinking Podcast: Bryan Pearce Interviews Nate Gravel of GraVoc

About the Episode: Host Bryan Pearce, Director of Strategic Business Planning at Gray, Gray & Gray, interviews Nate Gravel of GraVoc Associates in Peabody, MA. Gray, Gray & Gray recently announced a collaborative venture with GraVoc Associates to provide comprehensive cybersecurity services to organizations across all industry segments. During this episode, Bryan and Nate discuss a variety of important topics relating to cybersecurity, including common risks, threats and misconceptions that middle market business owners should be aware of, how to test and assess a company’s vulnerabilities, how to approach cybersecurity initiatives, and more. Listen to the episode for more information, including:

0:00 – Introduction of Nate Gravel of GraVoc Associates
1:27 – Common Cyber Risks and Threats Middle Market Business Owners Should Be Aware Of
5:43 – Misconceptions About Cyber Attack Targets
9:30 – How to Assess and Test Vulnerabilities
13:21 – How to Get Your Cybersecurity Controls in Place
16:44 – Impact of Remote Work on Cybersecurity
24:19 – Cyber Insurance
26:45 – Creating a Company Culture that Values Cybersecurity

About the Guest: Nate Gravel is Vice President of Information Security and IT for GraVoc Associates in Peabody, MA. Nate also partners with Gray, Gray & Gray to provide the technological skills and resources to deliver a full slate of cybersecurity services. Learn more about our partnership here.

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