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If you were to sell your business to a competitor today, what would the asking price be? What if you were selling the company to a partner? How about a selling price to your children?

Putting a price tag on an entity as complex as an active business is obviously not a simple process. Yet knowing the value of your business is an important piece of “business intelligence” that can affect the way you run your company and the decisions you make about its future. Decisions based upon the value of your business have far-reaching effects, from buying or selling a business, to obtaining financing, to creating a succession plan.

Gray, Gray & Gray has the experience and industry knowledge to effectively assess and analyze a business to determine the proper value for the situation. We can also assist in the development of tax planning strategies or the structuring of negotiations for the purchase, sale or transfer of a business or business interest.

Our Services

Although not full valuations, our calculation of business value services may be applied to:

From mergers and acquisitions to buy/sell agreements or business separation, we look at specific issues including economic considerations and business trends in order to appropriately value the business.

In the event of a death or a gift of ownership, the determination of the fair market value of ownership in a closely held business must be determined.

Many times, shareholders of closely-held companies may decide to pass the control of their business to others now to ensure for a prosperous business in the future.

Our team members keep pace with the ever changing divorce laws governing equitable distribution in order to value a couple’s assets and liabilities including the ownership interest in a closely-held business.

Banks and other lenders often require a valuation of a business; or you may need a valuation in order to provide potential investors information to make investment decisions.

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