Gray, Gray & Gray Success Story: BantamWesson Energy

BantamWesson’s goal is to make life simpler and easier for homeowners like you. Everything BantamWesson does is backed by extensive training, industry certifications, and a guarantee that their work meets the highest professional standard.

“We first engaged Gray, Gray & Gray in 2015 because our longtime accountant simply was not able to give us the ‘next level’ of service we needed. Our company needed much more than general accounting services – high end corporate tax advice, M&A support and solid consulting services that were industry-specific. Gray, Gray & Gray had an excellent reputation in the business and were clearly committed to the energy industry.”

“What they brought to us was a level of comfort and confidence that they truly care about our business. Along with many more tools in the toolbox. They have the depth necessary to help us as we have become a bigger, more sophisticated company that needs more resources.”

“We needed someone who would take a consultative approach with us, to bring us new and diversified ideas. Gray, Gray & Gray fills that role. They helped us develop the strategic concept of using joint ventures to grow and expand, and outlined the significant ownership benefits, sophisticated tax advantages, and long-term value. Then they helped us put the plan into action and to make it work. Today the prospects for our company are stronger because of Gray, Gray & Gray, and they continue to bring new opportunities to the table.”

“I am personally appreciative that I can get real time answers in the fast-paced environment in which we operate. There is tremendous value in the responsiveness we receive to any question. They have a very humble approach, are good listeners, and take the time to fully explain their reasoning behind taking certain positions for us. They act as if they are a member of our team.”

“Gray, Gray & Gray has had a profound impact on our growth and success, and in building our company and our management team. As the industry changes they are willing to change and adapt with us. They guide us on the correct path, continue to help us meet new challenges, and identify new opportunities.”

Craig Snyder
BantamWesson Energy

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