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After much debate and delay the long-anticipated changes to accounting standards for commercial and residential leases (FASB accounting standards for leases) are finally being implemented. The new standards will have an across-the-board impact for property owners, property managers, and lease tenants. In short, the way you report lease income and lease expenses on your financial statement is going to get a whole lot more complicated. 

Never fear! In this webinar recording, Gray, Gray & Gray provides an overview of the new accounting requirements, along with recommendations on how to simplify and streamline the updated reporting process.

During this session, we cover items such as:

  • Which calculations and disclosures need to be reported by landlords and property managers
  • How tenants can properly expense lease costs under the new standards
  • What changes you can expect to see in your financial statements
  • What to do right now to prepare for the new standards

We also review a new software program – LeaseJava – a cloud-based software program that is specifically designed to automate and simplify lease reporting. LeaseJava removes the burden of tracking all the calculations and disclosures necessitated by the new accounting standards by producing the detailed amortization schedules and journal entries that are required.

Make sure you understand these significant changes in accounting for anyone involved in a leasing situation. Access our webinar recording today.

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