Top Cyber Threats in 2023 Webinar Recording Access

When it comes to cyberattacks, every business is a target. And the attacks are getting more sophisticated and devious every day. What can you do to protect your company from becoming the next victim?

The first step is educating yourself about the most common cyber threats currently menacing businesses like yours. In this webinar recording, Gray, Gray & Gray’s cybersecurity expert Nathaniel Gravel and Partner & COO Hank Wolfson spotlight the most pressing dangers to your data and network. This discussion includes real life examples of data breaches, ransomware attacks, and cyber intrusions from a risk management perspective, along with practical recommendations on preventative measures you should be taking.

Watch the recording to learn about the following topics:
  • Top three cyber threats out there right now
  • Why a penetration test is one of the best investments you can make
  • Ways to proactively mitigate cyber risks
  • Why your own people are the biggest threat to data security
  • What cyber insurance can – and cannot – do to protect your business
  • How to position your company to recover faster in the event a cyberattack does occur

Don’t be one of the 77% of businesses who feel they are ill-prepared to deal with a cyberattack. Please complete the brief form below to access the Top Cyber Threats in 2023 Webinar recording. We encourage you to share this recording with others at your organization for maximum impact!

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