Mind Your Business Series Podcast: Boom or Bust? Is Buying Into Real Estate Still a Good Idea?

About the Episode: In the first episode of the Mind Your Business Series podcast, a group of key leaders in the professional services space discusses current topics and issues surrounding the real estate market, including interest rates, the pandemic’s impact on the market, what’s changed since ’07/’08, wealth transfer, and much more. Discover ways to start building a successful and profitable future when it comes to real estate decisions.

Featuring Gray, Gray & Gray Guest:  Marty Prendergast is a Senior Tax Manager with Gray, Gray & Gray, leading a team of professionals who provide detailed, accurate and timely tax planning and compliance services, financial statement reporting and consulting services for clients in a wide range of industries, with a particular focus on companies in the architecture, engineering and design space. 

Other Guests: 

Bryan Brown, Branch Manager, Guaranteed Rate Mortgage

Candace Horan, Loan Officer and Business Development Associate, Guaranteed Rate Mortgage

Cat Morris, Realtor, Keller Williams Realty

Larry Karle, Director of Workplace Retirement Plans, New England Wealth Management

David Boucher, Chief Growth Officer, Solex HCM and Solex HRC

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