New State Income Tax ID Now Required in Massachusetts

A little over a year ago (December 2015) the Massachusetts Department of Revenue (DOR) issued businesses in the state with new State Income Tax Withholding ID numbers. Previously, the number used was the same as the business’ federal tax identification number.

During 2016 the DOR accepted both the new and old numbers for payroll withholding tax filings. Now, however, the DOR is requiring all income tax deposits and filings to have the new State Income Tax ID number.

If you use a payroll processing company, you should have received a notification requesting that you provide them with your new State Income Tax (SIT) Withholding ID number. The DOR does not provide an individual business SIT directly to a payroll processor.

Those businesses who have not yet obtained their new SIT ID number can obtain the required information by logging into their Mass Tax Connect online account: Once you have the new SIT ID, pass it along to your service representative at your payroll processing company.

If you do not know your Mass Tax Connect user ID and password, please contact the Mass Department of Revenue directly at (617) 887-6367.

Have more questions and concerns about SALT (state and local taxes)? Please contact the Gray, Gray & Gray Tax Department at (781) 407-0300.

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