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During this webinar, industry leaders discussed how they are working with propane and heating oil companies to mitigate the worst of the fall out.
Heating oil and propane prices have already surged, and if things break badly, we could be in for an even worse ride.
When prices spike, they create a host of problems. Customers start searching for new suppliers, payments slow down, and receivables increase. Margins are squeezed. Coming on the heels of increases in driver and technician wages and an extremely warm fall, it is a recipe for pain.
Marty Kirshner, Partner & Chair of Energy Practice at Gray, Gray & Gray, outlines the biggest financial missteps companies make during price increases, and how to avoid them. 
Rich Goldberg, President of Warm Thoughts Communications, delivers proven strategies for increasing customer retention, margin strength and new customer acquisition during periods of volatile prices.
Phil Baratz, CEO of Angus Energy, shares an up to the minute overview of the factors that are driving prices, and where they might take us.
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