Everybody wants to work smarter, more efficiently, and more effectively. But the technology that is supposed to help us achieve this streamlined and organized state often get in the way of progress. Too many applications, too little coordination, too much time wasted trying to break down silo walls between business units. But there is a simple and elegant solution: Workato.

Experience the Power of a More Integrated and Automated Workflow

Workato is an integration automation tool that helps businesses connect disparate systems and processes without the need for complex coding. Workato uses plain language “recipes” to connect and utilize data from multiple applications into a streamlined and efficient system.

Workato has secure, pre-built integrations with multiple business applications, both cloud-based and on-premises. They connect multiple systems/databases with each other allowing data to flow freely – and securely – from one application to another. This gives users seamless access to different applications within the system, along with providing a global management view.

Create Your Own Recipe for Success

Workato Recipes are a set of steps in plain language that allows you to automate complex workflows. This allows users to navigate different applications quickly and easily within an integrated system. Workato’s platform is also able to add new applications (beyond the many that are available pre-built) without writing any code.

Workflow can be streamlined by connecting Recipes or apps, triggering an action to happen automatically. There’s a set of available actions for every connector, which can be scheduled, moved in batches, and read from on-premises files. Actions can also be configured to have multiple steps and multiple conditions.

In just one example, Workato can help automate your entire revenue process end to end – product configuration, pricing, quoting, contracts, invoicing, billing, orders, revenue recognition and renewals. You’ll have complete visibility for reliable reporting and forecasting of your most critical business processes, including input from sales and operations.

The Power of Accelerated Automation

By helping to accelerate automation at scale, Workato provides companies with a single platform for integration and workflow automation across your organization. All data that is traditionally routed through several different applications – customer records, vendor data, product and inventory information, sales orders – is synchronized and automatically linked across multiple platforms and apps.

Why You May Need Workato

  • You are maintaining the same data in multiple systems, resulting in duplication of effort – and mistakes
  • Frequent use of CSV and Excel files to transfer data between systems
  • Scaling business operations for growth is proving difficult and time consuming
  • You want diverse business units and departments to share data seamlessly
  • Too many data entry errors, too much time and money spent on duplicate entry

7 Reasons to Make Workato a Part of Your Process

  1. Provides a global view of operational activity to help streamline and speed management decisions
  2. Increases productivity and improves internal processes by streamlining workflow integration between transactional interactions
  3. Eliminates “app creep” by repurposing of common services to eliminate single-use, point-to-point interfaces
  4. Simplifies complex integration with little to no code
  5. Allows quick and easy customization of processes, saving time and money and maximizing value
  6. Offers single point of responsibility with integration technology partner to quickly address challenges and take advantage of opportunities
  7. Enterprise grade security allows you to work with confidence

Let Us Show You How Workato Works

The integration experts at Gray, Gray & Gray can help you analyze your organization’s landscape and then create the right Workato integration and automation Recipes so that data can seamlessly flow from one application to another. Contact Bill Constantopoulos or Ashton Vigueras-LaRochelle at (781) 407-0300 to schedule a Workato demonstration that is aligned with your specific needs.

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