IRS to Offer Alternative to Facial Recognition

After meeting resistance from citizens and Washington lawmakers, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) scrapped its plan to require taxpayers to use facial recognition software to log on to their IRS accounts. While uploading a “selfie” to the third-party facial recognition platform remains an option, going forward the IRS will be using to identify online users. is currently in use by several federal agencies, including the TSA’s Pre-Check program, SBA, and Customs and Border Protection. The move to will not be made until after the 2022 tax season. 

In the meantime, the IRS is planning to offer a new option for authenticating identity: a “live, virtual interview with agents.” Few details are available at this time. 

We will continue to monitor this evolving matter. If you need help with IRS and other tax issues, please contact Gray, Gray & Gray at (781) 407-0300. 

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