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The curve is flattening. The number of patients is falling off. New England’s governors are planning to reopen the economy. The end of the crisis is in sight. But what will it look like? How can you prepare yourself and your business for the “new normal” that will emerge from this extraordinary period of stress and sacrifice? We have some ideas for you. During this webinar, Gray, Gray & Gray leaders share a glimpse of what the future might hold, including:

  • What will “reopening” the economy entail?
  • How can you prepare to resume normal operations? What will “normal” be?
  • What will be the drivers of the new economy?
  • What structural changes will you need to make: personnel, supply chain, finance?
  • Will your customers come back? How should you communicate with them?
  • How will you reintegrate your workforce?
  • What opportunities for growth will emerge? Should you be actively seeking M&A opportunities?
  • What do you need to do to regrow and restore diminished assets?

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