If You Love Processing Invoices, Don’t Read This Article!

Do you enjoy filling your day by manually entering bills into your accounting system? Are you OK with spending more time than necessary on invoice management? Or would you rather be doing something more productive with your time?

Very few people get a kick out of the tedium of manual bill entry. Invoice management is a time-consuming process that is ripe for errors, duplication, and oversights. An IDC Info Brief report (Sept. 2022) estimates that manual entry takes 9-24 minutes per invoice. Way too long! There must be a more practical, faster and more accurate alternative.

There is. Sage Intacct AP Bill Automation is an AI-powered invoice management process that captures and digitizes incoming bills and automatically creates records for review and approval.  

Instead of spending 34% of your AP processing time on data entry (thanks again, IDC Info Brief) you can save hours and put your time – and your team’s time – to better use. Not to mention cutting processing cost and significantly reducing the frustrating incidence of human error. Sage Intacct’s AP Bill Automation also helps to eliminate bottlenecks that can slow the payment process, can spot duplicate bills or erroneous bill coding, and manage AP bill processing across multiple entities and locations. Plus, you retain a digital record of all bills and payments.

If you truly are one of those rare individuals who likes to process every bill by hand, we’ll let you get back to your filing cabinets. But if you’d prefer to reduce invoice management time and improve bill paying accuracy, contact us today at (781) 407-0300 to find out how Sage Intacct’s AP Bill Automation can work for you.You can also check out this product demo for more information.

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